Arrived in Chicago last Thursday with Cindy Walker for the North American Challenge Cup Regatta. After checking in to our hotel, Cindy and I rolled down to the world renowned Shedd Aquarium to check out the . In this video you can see the gray calf feeding alongside its whiter mom. If you listen closely, you can hear their vocalizations…. Truly awesome!

Dennis and I set out from Piers Park about noon yesterday. We made it to Crystal cove in Winthrop, caught a mooring in front of my house, waved to Iris, and headed back. The total trip time was about 3 hours in a nice steady easterly breeze.

I (Cindy) passed my keelboat certification exam and passed the on-the-water practical exam!!


I can skipper a keelboat!! Anyone up for a sail!!?? I run a tight ship, so you will be put to work!

We’re trying to catch ya!!!

Great afternoon of sailing last Friday with my friend and fellow NHS ’81 classmate Matthew Wills and Steve Jewett.  After fiddling around fishing steering lines through tight spaces on the dock in blistering afternoon heat, got underway midafternoon and went for a very enjoyable 3 hour Harbor Islands cruise: out through Boston Inner Harbor with a nice close pass by the Ecuadorian tall ship “Guayas” (pictured below), past Logan Airport, Castle Island, through Western Way (channel running between Spectacle Island and Thompson Island), under the Long Island bridge then hugging Long Island out toward George’s Island passing Rainsford Island, through Nubble Channel past Nixes Mate, then Homeward Bound down President Roads (main shipping channel into Boston Harbor) keeping the Customs House Tower on the bow (heading 300 deg.} in a fresh breeze from the Southwest on a very fast close hauled/close reach point-of-sail.

With new assistive technology courtesy of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and supported by a National Science Foundation grant, Team Quadsailor will be competing this weekend at the C. Thomas Clagett Jr. Memorial Clinic & Regatta in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. Will be on the start line with stiff competition. Past Paralympic sailors as well as teams going to London this summer. Can’t wait to see what another year of sailing experience and better technology can do!

Clinic on Friday. Racing Saturday through Monday. Boy, it’s great to be alive!

: cool toys for big boys!