Modern sloops sail 45° to the wind direction! Loads of fun!

32 years ago I broke my neck in a diving accident . No biggie. Life continues. Even when you may think it shouldn’t. 3 1/2 billion years of life’s history on this planet confirms that the show must go on.

I grew up on , enamored of birds and sailboats . Both free to come and go with the wind and the seasons. Audubon and Darwin were my heroes, as well as all the brave men of the whale fishery, whose history, as a native Nantucketer, I was so keenly aware of.

Now after a 30+ year hiatus from sailing, I strive for nothing less than competing in yacht racing at the highest level of my ability.

There are those who like to sail, and there are those who like to sail fast! I am decidedly in the latter class! Please join my team! Summer games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 or bust!

Welcome Aboard!

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  1. I am soo proud of you Richard, as a Nantucket native myself I totally understand about the limitations of living on a Island.. I am glad you have found your calling in sailboats :) you my friend are my hero !!!!!!!!

    Edward Norcross